Governance Working Group

Goal: To achieve effective governance of the Beaufort Sea Partnership for the sustainable use of the Beaufort Sea.

Governance is about how government and other social organizations interact, how they relate to citizens, and how decisions are made in an increasingly complex world. The Regional Coordination Committee (RCC) is the body tasked with implementing the “Integrated Ocean Management Plan for the Beaufort Sea” (IOMP). While it receives advice and recommendations for action from the BSP, which in turn is advised by various Working Groups, the RCC provides overall guidance.

The following table summarizes the Governance objectives and strategies that are the responsibility of the RCC. These represent high level, strategic objectives beginning with the agreement to formalize the Large Ocean Management Area (LOMA) governance process by endorsing the IOMP. Other objectives pertain to large-scale spatial planning, ensuring the capacity of Aboriginal organizations to participate fully in planning exercises, profile the LOMA in the circumpolar context, and developing a response to address the impacts of climate change on the region.

Establish collaborative inter-governmental and inter-departmental structures and processes·  Endorse the IOMP
Conduct spatial planning in the LOMA·  Develop Ocean Use Plans for the LOMA beginning with priority areas
Promote an effective regulatory environment·  Identify priority areas for improvement within the regulatory process
·  Coordinate Science in support of regulatory decision making
Promote effective planning and decision making·  Develop tools to facilitate delivery of information to managers for effective planning and decision making
Ensure Aboriginal organizations have the capacity to be involved in the IOMP·  Continue to fund key elements of the Integrated Ocean Management process
Profile the Beaufort Sea LOMA in the circumpolar context·  Make efforts to remain aligned with circumpolar nations
Ensure Aboriginal organizations have the capacity to be involved in the IOMP·  Commit to the implementation of this Plan by identifying and committing a baseline level of resources to the initiative